Transmembrane Structure Prediction Servers

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Here is the alphabetic list of web servers for membrane protein secondary structure prediction. If you have such server, but it is not in the list, and you are willing to be included, please notify Damir Zucic ( . Don't forget to notify us about any changes (a new version of your program, change of the address etc.). Note that we will only check the existence of reported server; we are doing no evaluation!
DAS Department of Biochemistry, Stockholm University
SOSUI Mitaku Group, Department of Biotechnology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
SPLIT Universities of Split and Osijek, Croatia
TMAP EMBL Argos Group
TMHMM-2.0 Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Department of Biotechnology, The Technical University of Denmark
TMPred Bioinformatics Group of the ISREC, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research
TopPred 2 Department of Biochemistry, Stockholm University