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RCEH_RHOVI 1PRC_H photosynthetic reaction center
RCEL_RHOVI 1PRC_L photosynthetic reaction center
RCEM_RHOVI 1PRC_M photosynthetic reaction center
RCEH_RHOSH 2RCR_H photosynthetic reaction center
RCEL_RHOSH 2RCR_L photosynthetic reaction center
RCEM_RHOSH 2RCR_M photosynthetic reaction center
CX1B_PARDE 1AR1_A cytochrome c oxidase
COX2_PARDE 1AR1_B cytochrome c oxidase
COX3_PARDE 1QLE_C cytochrome c oxidase
COX1_THETH 1EHK-I cytochrome c oxidase
COX2_THETH 1EHK-II cytochrome c oxidase
BACR_HALHA 1BRX bacteriorhodopsin
BACH_HALSA 1E12 halorhodopsin
OPSD_BOVIN 1F88 rhodopsin
KCSA_STRCO 1BL8 potassium channel
MSCL_MYCTU 1MSL mechanosensitive ion channel
GLPA_HUMAN 1AFO glycophorin A
ATA1_RABIT 1EUL Ca2+ transporting ATPase
ATPL_ECOLI 1A91_C F0 ATPsynthase C
FRDD_ECOLI 1FUM_D fumarate reductase
FRDC_ECOLI 1FUM_C fumarate reductase
FRDC_WOLSU 1QLA_C fumatare reductase
LHA1_RHOAC 1KZU_A light harvesting complex
LHB5_RHOAC 1KZU_B light harvesting complex
LHA_RHOMO 1LGH_A light harvesting complex
LHB1_RHOMO 1LGH_B light harvesting complex
CYB_BOVIN 1BE3_c or 1BGY_C Cytochrome B
CY1_BOVIN 1BGY_D or 1BE3_D Cytochrome c1
UCRQ_BOVIN 1BGY_G or 1BE3_G Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase
UCRX_BOVIN 1BGY_J or 1BE3_J Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase
UCRY_BOVIN 1BGY_K or 1BE3_K Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase
COX1_BOVIN 1OCC_I Cytochrome c oxidase
COX2_BOVIN 1OCC_II Cytochrome c oxidase
COX3_BOVIN 1OCC_III Cytochrome c oxidase
COX4_BOVIN 1OCC_IV Cytochrome c oxidase
CO6A_BOVIN 1OCC_VIa Cytochrome c oxidase
CO6C_BOVIN 1OCC_VIc Cytochrome c oxidase
CO7A_BOVIN 1OCC_VIIa Cytochrome c oxidase
CO7B_BOVIN 1OCC_VIIb Cytochrome c oxidase
CO7C_BOVIN 1OCC_VIIc Cytochrome c oxidase
COX8_BOVIN 1OCC_VIII Cytochrome c oxidase
CB21_PEA cb21_pea light harvesting complex
UCRI_BOVIN 1BE3_E or 1BGY_E Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase
COAB_BPFD 2CPS (or 2CPB) coat protein
COAB_BPPF1 1PFI coat protein
COAT_BPPF3 1IFP coat protein
1B14_HUMAN 1HSA histocompatibility antigen
COX4_PARDE 1QLE_D cytochrome c oxidase
AQP1_HUMAN 1FQY aquaporin 1 human
GLPF_ECOLI 1FX8 glycerol channel
MSBA_ECOLI 1JSQ lipid flipase
COXA_THETH 1EHK_IIa cytochrome c oxidase

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